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Youth Ministry Advisory Council


Here is your opportunity to serve, gain leadership skills, and grow further as young men and women in Christ. The council is made up of all active youth, an executive council, and the youth minister.


Executive Council

The Executive Council is made up of five youth elected positions:

President, Vice President, Secretary, Communications, and Event Planner


Charged with the administration of affairs of the Youth Council with assistance from Adult Advisors and Youth Minister

 Presidesx over all meetings of the Youth Council.

Appoint committees when necessary to research issues pertaining to CHUMY..


Manage CHUMY social media accounts and webpage assistance from the youth minister.

Provide and manage the communication process between Council, subgroups and general members. 

Vice President

Assume the duties of the President during the President's absence.

Assist the President to perform duties when needed.

Prepare a semesterly report  summarizing the activities of the Council.

Event Planner

Plan, implement and coordinate events for CHUMY, under guidance and support of the Youth Council.


Record and maintain the minutes of all Youth Council meetings and file them with the copies of previous minutes.

Prepare and receive correspondence for the Youth Council and maintain proper files.

Active Youth

All active youth are welcomed to join council meetings to have their voices heard and participate in decisions.

Council Meetings:
First Wednesday of the Month
5:15pm @ YM Office

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